Last Updated: 11/15/2018 6:49 PM




THANK YOU.  Your overwhelming support of the District’s referendum on November 6 was very much appreciated.  With the passage of the referendum with 65% in favor, the EL-G School District continues to not only be viable, but also very desirable as an option for those parents and students looking for the smaller, personalized school experience.  We are so proud to be a part of a community who believes in the value of providing a progressive, innovative, well-rounded educational experience for our students in well-maintained facilities. 


Our immediate plan is to move forward with preparing for the three renovation projects: the high school culinary arts classroom/labs, the auditorium, and the athletic field lighting and bleachers.  We are currently scheduling meetings with the architect and general contractor to begin the groundwork.  The tentative timeline is to finalize all plans by this spring with work to begin as soon as school is out in June.  The District will secure a five-year State Trust Fund Loan to pay for the projects. The ultimate goal is for ELGS to again be debt free at the end of the referendum period.


As far as operations, the referendum will allow the District to return to a flat budget, while providing some revenue flexibility which will be used to address technology upgrades as needed and complete additional maintenance projects as funding allows.  Examples of prospective projects include abatement/replacing of remaining high school flooring; renovating the lower level bathrooms by the elementary gym; updating the fire alarm system in the elementary/middle school and the hot water heating system at the high school; installing replacement windows on the 4thgrade floor; replacing the elementary breaker panel; and updating the District’s WiFi infrastructure.  These projects will be done over the five-year period of the referendum on a “pay as you go” basis.  It has been the goal of the District, through the past three referendums, to address maintenance and technology needs as funds allow, so we are continually improving our facilities and technology for future use.  Balancing facility and technology upgrades with meeting our students’ educational needs will always present challenges for the District.  However, with the support for the referendum by the community and by continually to be fiscally responsible, we will be able to do so.


Again, thank you District residents for believing in your District and providing the support needed.  I have often said in various conversations, “If things cannot be worked out in EL-G, they cannot be worked out anywhere.” With the CAN DO attitude found in our District’s staff and our District’s community, I truly believe this. Together we will continue to move forward in an innovative, student-focused, yet fiscally responsible manner, which will be to the benefit of all involved—especially our students. 


Please take time to stop in at the school and see what you and the District’s staff have done to give the students of this school system a solid start on life.  Also, if you ever have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give me a call or stop in—my door is always open.




Ann Buechel Haack, District Administrator on behalf of 

The Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah Board of Education and Administration