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Global Education

The Global Education Achievement Certificate is an honor that students can achieve to graduate from ELGHS as a Global Scholar. The Wisconsin Department of Instruction oversees the implementation of the GEAC in 64 schools throughout the state, and we are proud to be able to offer this to our students as the global focus gathers steam in our nation. Though there are relatively few schools offering this prestigious honor, the need for globally-focused graduates from our high schools is apparent as our society shifts rapidly to the global scale.


“We need students who are knowledgeable

about the world and who have an understanding

of how other cultures work and how other people think.”

- Tony Evers, PhD Former State Superintendent, Current State Governor  


A video outlining the GEAC can be found below.

GEAC Video

Global Education Achievement Certificate

» Requirements

» Academics

» Cultural Literacy

» Co-curricular Activities

» Community Service

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