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 Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah District

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Food Service/Lunch Program

ELGS will continue to participate in the NATIONAL SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM (NLSP) for grades K-12 for the 2023-2024 school year.  Please know that there are still some supply chain issues.  We apologize for this and will continue to work with what we receive.

 Meal costs are as follows:


Milk Tickets  $.35/carton or a card of 10 tickets for $3.50.

Snack milk at the Elementary & Middle Schools will be purchased by the quarter. 

Quarter 1/42 days x $.35 = $14.70

Quarter 2/46 days x $.35 = $16.10

Quarter 3/44 days x $.35 = $15.40

Quarter 4/47 days x $.35 = $16.45


No daily snack milk tickets will be sold.  Students may start or stop paying for milk at quarter start.  Reminders will be sent home prior to the start of a new quarter. 

*NOTE:  milk is INCLUDED with hot lunch.  This cost is for milk during snack time. Students who would like to drink a milk with cold lunch will still need a ticket.

School Lunch :

Child Care – 2nd Grade:  $3.00/day
3rd – 12th Grade:  $3.25/day 

Adult guests & staff -- $4.65

Day Care – Grade 8:  menus will be similar to last year's program. We will continue to serve the required servings of protein, grains, vegetables, fruit, and milk.

Also available for grades 6 - 8 is a $20.00 value card for à la carte items, such as fresh fruit, yogurt, baked chips, cheese and assorted entrees.  Students may also use cash in lunch lines for à la carte items only (tickets will be required for a hot lunch meal). 
Remember that Value Cards represent cash. There are no refunds on lost, mutilated, or stolen cards.

High School – The menu will be the same as the elementary/middle school with the correct portions for grades 9-12. The cost is $3.25. High school has an “offer vs serve” option which means that the student MUST choose 3 of the 5 food groups, 1 of which must be a fruit or

vegetable, or combination equal to ½ cup to qualify as a reimbursable meal. Choosing from all 5 food groups is the best option. Ala Carte items will also be available.


We look forward to serving the students this year. Please encourage them to try something new; they just may like it!


Thank you,

Bridget Reiss

Food Service Director

920-876-3381 ext. 3321



ELGSD Bylaws, Policies & Guidelines 

Food Service policy 8500



Click here for the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

Click here for the SFA Civil Rights Complaint Procedures

June 2024 Menu

May 2024 Menu


Lunch/Milk Deposit Slips

Food Service Price Chart

Free / Reduced Lunch Applications:

To see if your family qualifies for the free or reduced lunch program, please print this form and return it to your child's school office prior to the school year, and AFTER July 1.  Once reviewed, the district office will notify you of any benefits you can receive for the upcoming school year.

How to Apply

Free/Reduced Application

Cómo aplicar
Solicitud de almuerzo gratis o reducido

Dietary Restrictions:

Form: Click here

If your child has special dietary restrictions, requiring an altered hot lunch meal, this form must be printed and signed by your health provider.  All completed, signed forms MUST be returned to your child's school office before any changes can be made to your child's hot lunch meal.



** Please note that both above-listed forms must be PRINTED, completed, and returned if applicable to your child's school office.  These state-provided forms are not set up for electronic filing.