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Technology Plan / Updates

District Technology Plan:

As a district, we clearly recognize the impact that technology has on the lives of our staff, students, families, and community members. The importance of technology for our students is emphasized by the inclusion of specific and integrated technology standards in all of the Academic Standards adopted by the State of Wisconsin. For this very reason, it is critical that we, as a district, work to integrate the standards in a systematic and meaningful manner within our specific grade level curriculum areas and benchmarks. Technology needs to become a key element in the processes of the teachers' instruction and students' learning. Research has show that technology is effective in increasing student achievement when used to engage children in their learning.

Technology Plan Goals:

  1. Goal #1 Student Learning - Students will have exposure to instructional technology skills within all content areas which will develop and enhance their learning of technology and knowledge skills necessary for the 21st century—collaborate, create, and communicate.
  2. Goal #2 Staff Development - Staff development will be provided that enables the District staff to effectively use technology to improve student learning, ex pant students' opportunities to develop technology and knowledge skills, and/or facilitate staff productivity
  3. Goal #3 Communication - The district will utilize its enhanced technological capacity to communicate directly with its stakeholders, other residents, local business, and civic organizations.
  4. Goal #4 District Infrastructure - The district will utilize its resources to upgrade its infrastructure with the emphasis on quality, security, and reliability.
  5. Goal #5 The Library Media Program Review - The district's library steering committee will review and formulate recommendations for the library media services JK-grade 12.