Library Policies


Library Materials:

Students may borrow up to 6 library materials. Students may have the library materials for 3 weeks and are allowed to renew their library items once.

Overdue Policy:

Students may have their library materials for 3 weeks and can renew them once. The high school charges fines for overdue library materials. Overdue fines are .05 per day with a maximum fine of $5.00. Students may not borrow new library materials until their overdue items are returned and the fines paid.

Lost/Damaged Library Materials:

Accidents do happen but lost or damaged items must be paid for before students may borrow more library materials. If a book is found in usable condition within 3 months of payment the money will be refunded.

Students/Library Visits:

Students come to the High School Library with their classes or individually during their study halls. The library is the quiet area for studying, make-up tests, computer use and book selection.